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Thrift Store Redo: Vintage Wicker Tray

The combo of black, white and brown is my jam. In fashion and home. I also love color and have some pretty bright colors in my apartment. But the classic neutral palette will always be a fave. When I found this vintage wicker tray at a thrift store, I immediately knew I would be adding black & white paint. I'll show you how I did it.

Fall Favor Bags

I helped plan a recent baby shower, which was fall-themed. I love the non-traditional colors and decor for a baby shower. I prepped little goody bags for guests to take home. I'm very happy with these bags because I tend to be too minimalist in a lot of my crafts. I am challenging myself to add more when I would usually stop. 

Spider-Web Halloween Vase Cover

This project is so easy it doesn't even need a tutorial. Keep reading to find out the trick for creating a temporary vase cover for Halloween.

Handmade Stackable Bracelets

Awhile back, I made several bracelets, hoping to create something for my sister's birthday. I really like making bracelets because it is so difficult to find bracelets to fit my wrist. Do you have that problem? If you have a smaller-than-average or larger-than-average wrist size, most bracelets won't fit. 
The only way is to make them yourself, which of course, I love to do.

Mini Gift Idea: Farm-Inspired Candle

In my day job, I run a volunteer program. I recently whipped up this adorable, easy birthday gift for a volunteer. It's just the right size for a little birthday gift for a volunteer. Here are the details on putting this cutie together. 
Supplies: wooden baskets, boxwood garland, lace, satin ribbon. Just add a piece of boxwood garland to a wooden basket, pop a mini farm-scented candle (got mine at Bath & Body Works) in there and wrap it all up in lace. That's it! 
I love coming up with cute little gifts! The gift itself is inexpensive but it's the packaging that makes it special.

DIY Photo Display Vine

As soon as Spring comes and flowers start blooming, I immediately become mildly obsessive about taking photos of every colorful flower I see. They aren't very good photos and the flowers look like any other flower but I just can't help myself. The in-person experience of seeing a previously brown, dead space now bursting with color is really beautiful and the photos are a feeble attempt at capturing that feeling.

DIY: Eclectic Dangle Earrings

When it comes to jewelry, I love many styles but I have a particular soft spot for the boho, eclectic look. I usually make necklaces in that style so I decided to make earrings this time. Let's get started!