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Card-Making: Dream Big

This weekend, I made a few cards that are way different than my usual style. Here is one of them. It's mostly the dragonfly that isn't my style but it went so well with the color scheme, I had to use it. It turned out great!
Supplies used:
'Dream BIG' sticker
Lace ribbon
White card stock

What crafts are you working on right now?

Make It: Pops of Green, Yellow and Pinks

I've fit tons of hiking in this summer, which makes me a happy camper. (No pun intended but okay, maybe pun intended.) I'm really trying to capture all the fun I'm having so I'll remember these moments. I'm working on a 6x6 album of my hikes so I thought I'd show you one page.

Do you match your scrapbook pages to the photo? If I were to match the colors of my photos, they'd all be green and blue because they are all from hikes. That is too limiting so I rarely do that.
I started my album with a color scheme: black/white, mint and peachy colors. Well, that stuck around for a few pages (I'll post them later) but then the album took a decided turn towards POPS of color! This entire layout was inspired by some paper flags/pennants I made from thick white paper, watercolor, ink, washi tape and a flag craft punch. I am so in love with these flags that I decided to build an entire page based on one. 
So here's the breakdown of the page, should you want to try this look yourself. The layout is my go-to style so I probably need to mix it up a bit on my next page. 

I'm making a lot of embellishments myself, which is really fun! (But time consuming, I must say). I made several of these embellishments with my Silhouette Cameo, which is the one craft tool I can't live without.

How are you preserving your summer memories? Share your methods in the comments!

Housewarming Card (with the Silhouette Cameo)

Lori Whitlock has some adorable designs in the Silhouette store! I downloaded this print & cut file and manipulated it into a card. Perfect for a housewarming card!
I erased all the other houses in the cutting file, replicated this house outline (mirrored to the top), welded the two outlines together and voila! It's my main technique for creating uniquely shaped cards. 

I added a polka dot chimney, velvet scalloped ribbon, a pearly 'doorknob' and polka dot front steps. I love this color combo!
What have you been making lately?

Handmade Baby Congrats Card

I really like the collaged look of handmade cards. This is a popular style for good reason! There are so many things to look at, color, movement and texture. I have a hard time really making the kind of collages I want. I have trouble adding more because there is always this little voice in the back of my head saying, "That's too much, go minimal." Does anyone else have trouble adding bazillions of layers? One of my crafting goals is to get past that little voice!

DIY Concho Keychain

I love concho jewelry (even though I don't have any -  how did that happen?). It is just so typical of Southwestern U.S. -  Native American with Spanish influences. My grandparents sold jewelry in Texas in the 70s and 80s and that may be where my love of silver/turquoise was born. Even though today's project isn't the real deal in concho accessories, it will work!

DIY Wooden Pom Pom Coasters

Who doesn't love some good pom-pom action? Pom-pom fringe add a bit of fun to any project. This is a super simple project using the same techniques and similar materials as my recent tutorial for 5 Minute DIY Keychains. Let's get started!

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DIY Wood Veneer Earrings (with scrapbook supplies!)

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It's possible this is the easiest craft you'll ever make. I can't even tell you how little effort it takes for such great results. I'll let the photos do the talking! (Well, okay, I can't resist talking a leetle...)