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Outfit: Slouchy Sunday

Oh em gee. I am so terrible at outfit photos. Can someone give me some lessons? I think it might start with not being so lazy. My laziness makes me snap photos on our tiny porch so I can't get a full body shot and I can't really control the light. So step one: get off my bum and find some good light. And pretty scenery, while I'm at it.

Outfit: Slouchy Sunday

I tried to take outfit photos this weekend and I failed dismally. But I'm going to show you anyway. My husband calls my style 'frumpy.' Meaning I like loose-fitting clothes. I also like to define my waistline every now and then but for comfort's sake, long, loose tops are my favorite. 

Why It Works: Chambray Chic

Image used with permission via Adore to Adorn

This lovely lady is Nancy of Adore to Adorn. I am all about Nancy's style. You never know what type of outfit she will put together - edgy, funky, classic, neutral - she covers it all. Today I am dissecting her chambray chic end-of-summer outfit to share 'why it works.'

              - Mixing a trend (skirt with high-low hem) with a classic piece, the chambray button-up
              - Tying the chambray shirt up to define the waist and play with proportions
              - Working a bright burst of color into an otherwise neutral outfit.
              - Accessorizing in just the right way. Piling bangles on only one arm + fun sunglasses =
                enough to complement the outfit but not overdo it.

I love this outfit, Nancy! If you dig Nancy's style, pop on over to see the detail shots of her outfit and to learn where she wore it.

Why It Works: Mixin' it Up

I'm really excited because today is the first blog post that ventures into fashion/style! Nancy, from Adore to Adorn, is here to help us with the first installment of Why It Works. 
Click 'Read more...' to see Nancy's breakdown on why this outfit works.


I just bought this skirt. I'm considering all the possibilities....
Extra Toppings Brown Maxi Skirt  - Click Image to Close

With a boucle sweater?

And I'd probably belt it up?
Volcom Sticks N Stones Skinny Belt - Women's
And LOTS of necklaces
wishing . necklace

Just a random bit of color...

This is the perfect time to mention how much I want this ring 
aaaannd the fact that it would look really good with this outfit. :)
Sideswept Citrine Ring

And I've been coveting this bag, so why not throw that in the look, too? :)
Vintage Swiss Bag with metal, turquoise button and old window latch-1984

Palette-a-Day: Teal, Red, and Gold

So this set is very similar (color-wise) to my last set. But I promise I will push myself out of my comfort zone next time! :) I just love this color combo- dressed up or down.
P.S. I'm so not this classy. Well, the last outfit is pretty 'me.'

Oh, Click on the outfit to see individual pieces.

Palette-a-day: red, teal, mustard
Palette-a-Day: red and teal