That's me, Katie. And that is my cat, Marrah. Isn't she cute? Yeah, I'm a cat lady. But I promise I won't bore you with too many cat photos or details. :)

I really, really love to hear from my great readers. 
So send a line, anytime! (See how that rhymed? Whoa now, hold the cheese).



  1. Just wanted to say I love your craft ideas. The glitter watch jewelry is brilliant. I thought when reading about the apple cider candle being discontinued, that since you are so crafty maybe you can make your own. Basically isn't it apple and spices? Maybe you can melt and mix a couple of candle scents. Colorado is a great state. My brother lives there. Enjoy 2012.

  2. Thanks bigbearmom! My last candle-making attempt was a disaster - ended up in a majorly clogged pipe and annoyed husband. Haha! I'll try again. :)


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