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Cheers to you, Mrs. Robinson...

When I was reviewing the photos of this card, one thing kept repeating in my mind, "Cheers to you, Mrs. Robinson, Jesus loves you more than you can know.... hey hey hey." But let's skip the reminiscing and get right to some card making. 

Scrapbooking supplies come in lines with lots of elements that match each other (paper, embellishments, alphabets, etc). I usually don't use a lot of these matching elements at the same time (though I think most paper crafters do prefer to match the pieces). However, for this card, all of the embellishments are from Maggie Holmes Confetti embellishment pack. 

pink paper
gold embossed vellum
cheers/fan/star/leaves - Maggie Holmes Confetti die cuts
Tim Holtz mini stapler & AC gold staples
standard white card stock
peach card stock
glue dots

The main tip here is to skip glue when using vellum (I skip glue entirely these days and opt for glue dots). Using the mini staples is a cute way to attach vellum and still maintain it's sheerness. Also, I just stapled the top so you can lift the vellum up to see the patterned paper underneath.

I attached the rest of the embellishments with glue dots so this is an easy-peasy recipe to follow for a cute card! Just create or use a card base, attach a piece of patterned paper, staple vellum on top, add embellishments.

Have you made any projects with vellum lately? If so, leave a link to the project so we can see!


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