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Halloween-Inspired Gift Tags

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Halloween is just around the corner. If you gift little treats to co-workers, friends, classmates, etc, how about adding a fancy-schmancy Halloween (ish) gift tag? Even if you're not into Halloween, I think you might find some inspiration in these pretty paper supplies!

Supplies needed:
Wooden shapes (I think Target has a great price for these)
Black and white card stock (I used some from My Mind's Eye, Sweetest Thing: Honey)
Orange card stock (My favorite basic colors paper pad)
Adhesive tape runner (or glue dots)
Embellishments (I LOVE these gold puffy letters, black adhesive pearls, white enamel dots, translucent arrows, die cut shapes and gold stickers from Heidi Swapp)

Step 1: Make your own gift tag base in two quick steps. 
      a. Cut a piece of card stock 2.62 x 5.25 inches. If you want, snip the top edges off to look like a               shipping tag.
      b. Punch a hole at the top of the tag and, if you're feeling fancy, add an eyelet using an eyelet    
          setter (I use the Crop A Dile tool).
Step 2: Emboss your plain colored card stock and trim down to a square that fits onto the tag base. Is it an exaggeration to say that these American Crafts' embossing folders might change your life? I think not. If you've used embossing folders in the past, these will blow.your.mind. 

Adhere the embossed piece to the tag base with adhesive tape runner.

Step 3: Embellish. I added 'boo' in puffy gold stickers to a little wooden shape and taped that down, added a vellum butterfly from my stash, a plastic arrow and a couple of black adhesive pearls. I finished the whole thing off with black lace ribbon through the eyelet. 

Pretty dang cute. 

The other tag is made with the same formula. For this one, I painted the wooden square a minty green color so it wouldn't be so Halloween-ish. The embellishments were hanging around in my stash - a piece of gold vellum, white enamel dot, die cut leaves from the Maggie Holmes Confetti floral dies, and a 'lucky' sticker from Heidi Swapp's Hello Beautiful collection. Finished off with orange embroidery floss. 

What do you think about these non-traditional Halloween tags? Would you be happy to receive them attached to treats? (You don't have to lie, I know the treats are the exciting part. ;) ).


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