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DIY Concho Keychain

I love concho jewelry (even though I don't have any -  how did that happen?). It is just so typical of Southwestern U.S. -  Native American with Spanish influences. My grandparents sold jewelry in Texas in the 70s and 80s and that may be where my love of silver/turquoise was born. Even though today's project isn't the real deal in concho accessories, it will work!

Supplies: leather bracelet, concho piece (I got an assortment of these from Consumer Crafts but it looks like they are sold out - you may be able to find them in a craft store) keychain, scissors, Crop-A-Dile

So this is super easy. 
Step 1: Cut the leather piece to the size you want (remember this will be doubled up on the keychain so cut twice the length you want). 
Step 2: Use the Crop-A-Dile to punch a hole at either end of the leather. 
Step 3: Slide the concho piece onto the leather.
Step 4: Put the keyring through both the holes you made. 
Ta-da! Very easy. This makes a nice gender neutral gift, too!
What is your favorite style of jewelry/accessory? Though I like Native American and Southwestern styles, there are sooo many other styles I love too! 


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