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5 Minute DIY Wooden Keychains

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Ooh, I love these little keychains! Good thing they are perfect for gifts because you will definitely want to make several. Let's get started.

wooden circleswood veneer banners (these are my favorite!), wood veneer assorted (here's another favorite), acrylic paint, Mod Podge Matte, paintbrush, painter's or washi tape, Crop-A-Dile Punch, key rings

Just an FYI - the Crop-A-Dile punch is a little more expensive than basic craft supplies. But I haven't regretted this purchase once. I use it all the time - way more than I ever thought I would. So I highly recommend this as one of my fave supplies!

Also, I'll be posting other tutorials later this week with ideas for the wood veneer scrapbooking embellishments. I'm obsessed with keeping lots of these around because they add instant cuteness to any project - so versatile. 

Step 1: Paint your wooden shapes. You'll want to have a circle as your base and other wood veneer embellishments on top. Use your washi/painter's tape to create color blocked pieces. I also did a wobbly plaid pattern and a splotchy dot pattern. This project is so great because you can customize the colors any way you want - the wood is a blank slate!

I didn't use a lot of paint so the pieces dried super quickly. By the time I was done painting a few, the first ones were dry.

Step 2: After the paint is completely dry, brush a light coat of Mod Podge over the paint to seal it in. A light coat is all you need and that way it will dry very quickly. 
Step 3: Use the smallest Crop-A-Dile punch setting to create holes at the top of your shapes. Don't get too close to the top but you want to be pretty close so it all easily fits on the key ring. 

Step 4: Have fun mixing and matching your pieces and put them on the key rings. Voila! You're done.
Forewarning - you may become addicted to making these! They are so easy and quick but also sturdy. 

What color/pattern combos would you do for this project?


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