Valentine's Day Love Note Pocket

For this year's Valentine's Day home decor, I decided to go with something small and meaningful - a love note pocket! It's a super cute and customizable mailbox for your love notes. Basically a handmade Valentine's Day card on steroids. :) And it lives on your fridge so it doesn't even take up extra room. And you can use up some of your scrap paper! So many wins on this one. 

Supplies needed: 5x8 in paper, scrap paper, heart punch, adhesive tape runner, two small buttons, two jumbo craft sticks, one strong magnet
Step 1: Fold your 5x8 inch paper in half to form a pocket. 
Step 2: Use the double-sided adhesive tape to adhere the craft sticks to the top edges of the pocket (on the printed side/outside of the pocket).

 Step 3: Use the tape runner to adhere small buttons to either side of one of the craft sticks. Press firmly!
Step 4: Use the adhesive tape to adhere the buttons to the other craft stick. This is what will keep your pocket open and ready to accept love letters!

Step 5: I used an adhesive magnet strip because that's what I have on hand. It will temporarily suffice but these magnets are too weak for most projects! I highly recommend the strong, round magnets. You don't want your love notes sliding of the fridge. :)

Optional Step 6: It's a good idea to place the whole pocket under a heavy book for awhile. That will help seal the adhesive on the buttons and magnet.

Step 7: Decorate your pocket! Of course this is the best part, right? I made a mini tassel from embroidery floss, used a chipboard flag and a fabric triangle.
Step 8: Write your love notes. Or at least, use a heart punch to cut out several hearts that you can leave in a convenient place and write notes as they come to you.

That's it! You can now place your pocket on the fridge. Write love notes to yourself (I recommend this!) or tell your loved one to peek inside the pocket on Valentine's Day.

Do you celebrate Valentine's Day? We don't usually do gifts or anything but every year I make some kind of Valentine's decor. I just can't resist the hearts and cute crafty items!


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