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Spider-Web Halloween Vase Cover

This project is so easy it doesn't even need a tutorial. Keep reading to find out the trick for creating a temporary vase cover for Halloween.
Black grippy shelf liner is the trick! It reminds me of a spider web.
Supplies: Vase (got mine from Target's $1 spot), black grippy shelf liner (found at the Dollar Tree!), tape, scissors and ribbon
Just cut a piece of shelf liner to fit your vase, wrap it around and tape it together on the back. Or use lots of glue dots, which are basically invisible so it's a nice finish to the back. Finish off with a piece of ribbon. I went for orange velvet. 
How crazy easy is that? And there is so much shelf liner left over that you could use it for other decorations. I have some ideas! Can you think of another way to use the shelf liner?

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