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Handmade Stackable Bracelets

Awhile back, I made several bracelets, hoping to create something for my sister's birthday. I really like making bracelets because it is so difficult to find bracelets to fit my wrist. Do you have that problem? If you have a smaller-than-average or larger-than-average wrist size, most bracelets won't fit. 
The only way is to make them yourself, which of course, I love to do.

I can't say all of these bracelets are my style but I sure love a good everyday bracelet. And these are perfect for everyday stacking. Which one is your fave?


Anonymous,  August 16, 2014 at 1:04 PM  

These are so cute Thank you for the great ideas you certainly got my crafty side encouraged to attempt this. I love your site I pinned it to my board great sites and blogs to visit. Sincerely, $onya Sunflower

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