DIY Photo Display Vine

As soon as Spring comes and flowers start blooming, I immediately become mildly obsessive about taking photos of every colorful flower I see. They aren't very good photos and the flowers look like any other flower but I just can't help myself. The in-person experience of seeing a previously brown, dead space now bursting with color is really beautiful and the photos are a feeble attempt at capturing that feeling.
So I collect these photos on my phone and when we are halfway through Winter and I've seen 32 snow days and my nostril hairs are frozen on my way to work, as the cold air seeps into my bones and dulls my personality, I delete the flower photos With each delete, the truth sinks deeper -Spring will never come again. At least, that's how it feels in the moment. (And don't get me wrong, I prefer snow to heat but holy moly, after days of frozen nostril hairs, you just want it to end).
But alas, Spring does arrive again and the cycle starts over. So here we are now, in the throws of our two-week Spring here in Colorado. In fact, Summer is so quickly encroaching that I felt the prickle of sweat today.

But the point is, I have a lot of flower photos and I thought I might do something fun with them. So I printed mini square photos of the flowers. (Just FYI and I'm not advertising for them, I use a leetle portable wireless printer to print photos for craft projects. It's the Canon SELPHY). 
With tiny clothespins, I clipped the photos onto faux boxwood garland. Then I hung the garland with tape. It's the simplest project, which is perfect for temporary decor.

See? I told you these photos are nothing special. But does it matter? Nope, because it reminds me of the beautiful feeling of the beginning of Spring (aka the end of frozen nostril hairs).

Does anyone else take a million flower photos?


  1. This is so cute! I would love to do something similar with ribbon

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