DIY: Eclectic Dangle Earrings

When it comes to jewelry, I love many styles but I have a particular soft spot for the boho, eclectic look. I usually make necklaces in that style so I decided to make earrings this time. Let's get started!

The key to achieving the eclectic look is to mix different styles and mediums. I didn't go full-out eclectic because I did primarily use a bronze metal. But I also mixed in a little silver, brass, teal glass, and embroidery floss.

Supplies: Chain, various beads and charms, two hoops, several jump rings, embroidery floss, headpins, earring hooks, wire cutter and pliers. I ended up not using the bigger beads shown in the photo.

Step 1: Cut several lengths of chain about the same length (but don't be too precise). I cut nine pieces of chain for each earring so 18 total pieces. 
Step 2: Place nine chain pieces on a jump ring for each earring.

Step 3: Use a small jump ring to attach the chain pieces to a hoop.
Step 4: This is the fun part and you get to play it by ear. Start randomly attaching beads and charms to the chain pieces. You can attach charms by sliding a jump ring on the charm and on the chain and then pinching shut. You can attach beads by using headpins to create loops (see this tutorial for details).
Step 5: Slide the hoops onto earring hooks and pinch the hooks shut.

That's it!  I didn't try to duplicate the first earring but it somehow happened. I was hoping for a more organic look but I guess I was in a symmetrical mood. :)
What do you think? Do you go for the non-traditional, eclectic look?


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