DIY Blueberry-Dyed Wood

I recently used natural dyes to dye fabric and threw some wood plaques in for fun. I love how they turned out!

I boiled blueberries until the water was pretty saturated.
I decided to leave the blueberries in the water. Lots of people would strain them out but I wanted to get the richest color I could without waiting for a long time for the water to become more saturated. (Lazy much?)
I left the wooden plaques in the dye bath for at least an hour.
Here is they are all dried and a beautiful purple hue. I typically use these wooden rounds to prop up small vases and centerpieces.

These flowers were on their last legs but still a great color.

That's it! How easy, right? Very inexpensive decor for your next party. A little wooden plaque helps move a simple, small vase to the next level. Here's how I used it a recent work party:
Have you tried natural dyeing?


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