Party Decor (on the cheap!): Springy Floral

We recently had our quarterly office meeting and my team was in charge of decorating. So you know I had to pull out my cheap party tricks. (See previous ideas - general tips, baby shower ideas, liners in a cup). I added a new trick to my arsenal - floral letters. Now, this isn't a new idea but it is so easy to pull off and looks awesome.

I cut out letters free-hand from cardboard in my recycle bin and hot glued flowers all over. As for the triple A - my office is the local Area Agency on Aging. Every area has a local AAA that serves adults over 60. Look it up! :)
I have collected lots of inexpensive jars and vases - from the Dollar Tree, thrift stores and recycled in my home. My co-worker bought some flowers and put them in various small jars.
I often make these little jars have a bit more punch by placing them on a doily and then a wooden plaque (which I dyed purple and will soon show more of).

Guess what, not having a cake doesn't stop me from using this adorable cake plate! I just used it to build up the tiny floral centerpiece.
So many of my cheap tricks in this shot. Dollar Tree tablecloth that obviously doesn't fit the round table - tie it up! Painter's kraft paper roll as the runner - that's an old standby. 
I put a little more effort into this party by creating placemats, which I will show you more about at a later date. 
Placing utensils in cute holders is so simple but really dresses up the food table. These are from Target's dollar section.
I layered the runner with a very simple diamond runner. This is so simple, fast and cheap. I used colored office paper, cut it into squares, and stapled them in a diamond pattern. 

That's it! Are there any pieces in there that you'd like to see more of? Do you have any cheap party decor tips?


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