DIY Party Decor: Vase Covers (on the cheap!)

I discovered another trick for using tights in unexpected ways (see yesterday's post). In my never-ending quest to find cheap party decor tricks that don't involve plastic items from the party store, I am always spicing up plain vases from the dollar store. And one of my rules is that the decor has to be removable so I can continue using these vases. I realized I can easily customize these vases to any color scheme and it is so cheap!

Imagine me doing my best Vanna White impression - look at this awesome vase cover! You just cut tights up in various lengths and slip them over the vases. I bought a bunch of clearanced-out (did I just make that word up?) Target tights for 50 cents at Goodwill. Jackpot!

I like it plain but you could jazz it up so many ways. Here are a few ideas. 
 Here's a shorter piece of the tights, embellished with pom pom fringe (one of my fave crafting supplies).
 Keeping it classy with a simple linen ribbon.
 Linen ribbon given a bit of country flair. Super cute for a picnic, right?
 Doubled-up with a small strip from a different pair of tights.
A little glue dot secures this flower to the tight - again, easily removable and customizable.
A scrapbooking embellishment ads a fun pop of color and dimension to this vase (also featuring the linen ribbon).
 Add a few flowers and done!
I have a million ideas of how to use this concept. Like black pantyhose or black fishnet for Halloween decor? Printed tights? Multi-color tights? Covering those tall, skinny vases? Covering recycled tin cans? This could work with just about any color scheme and casual theme. 

How else could you use this idea?


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