How-To: Faux Chalkboard Card

I originally created this tutorial for Crafts Unleashed. They provided the supplies; all content is my own.

This chalkboard effect is very easy to create if you have the right supplies. And don't you think this card is perfect for Teacher's Appreciation Week? Let's get started!

  • Mister Huey’s White Mister
  • Makeup Sponge
Step 1: Prep your work space. I love this reusable craft sheet. You could also use wax paper. It’s best to have a slick surface for this technique to work well. And the reusable craft sheet is super easy to clean off and use again!

Step 2: Spray one or two spritzes of Mister Huey’s white mister directly onto the makeup sponge.

Step 3: Flip the makeup sponge over and dab it in the extra mister on your craft sheet. Begin applying the white mist by rubbing the sponge from the craft sheet onto the card. Do this gently and try to avoid using the sponge’s edges. Lightly cover the entire card and don’t fret if you do create a few sharp lines. Just rub the lines with a bit of extra white mister.
Step 4: Place your stencil on the card. Spritz quite a bit of mister onto your sponge. Begin dabbing the mister onto the stencil. Reapply mister to the sponge along the way to make sure you get a thick coat. If I do this project again, I am going to tape my stencil down with washi tape or painter’s tape because I smudged the mister a little moving the stencil around.
Step 5: Outline the card with washi tape and embellish.
You know, if I had chalk on hand, I might trace over the ‘thank you’ in white chalk. Just to make it feel more authentic.

What do you think? How else could you use this technique?


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