Hanging Unframed Art

I have this little space above the dresser that needs some art. Until I find a more permanent solution, I decided to hang a Bonnie Christine print I have. 

I understand you might not want to create permanent holes in all of your artwork but you might have some pieces that could be used. And should you decide to frame the print later, the holes will be covered up. 

Supplies: Keychain, jewelry chain, two jump rings and artwork

Step 1: Punch holes in the top corners of the print. 
Step 2: I used pliers to attach the jewelry chain to one hole. I needed to use a jump ring for this because my chain was too small to accommodate the space between the hole and edge of the print. Depending on where your hole is and how big your chain links are, you might not need a jump ring.
Step 3: Slide the key ring onto the jewelry chain.
Step 4: Repeat step 2 on the other side of the print.
Hang your print on a nail and that's it! Even though it pained me a little to put holes in a print, I love the result so much. And this print wasn't being used before so I don't care if it took a couple of holes to get it a more prominent position - the print is pretty!
So tell me, would you consider putting holes in a print for the sake of an interesting display?


  1. Such a great idea! Sometimes I think frames can be too heavy. This is perfect :)

  2. I would totally put holes in a print if I knew it would look like yours. Love it! new follower!

  3. this is PERFECT idea!! i almost bought a necklace thrifting today just for the chain but didnt & now I'll keep this idea in mind when we move into our new home in a few months, such a great idea & your setup & print are lovely!

  4. This is really, really sweet and such a genius concept. I LOVE how it looks with that chain and lovely artwork!

  5. @Stel Style, Rachel, Havalah, Dus and Evie - thank you!!

  6. This is SO perfect!!! It gives the perfect amount of class to the print. Totally doing this today.


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