Gettin' Organized: Craft Closet

I resolved to get more organized this year. I'm not going to call it an official New Year's resolution (because that feels too serious and full of pressure) but it's just a general goal.

I'm starting with my craft room closet, for obvious reasons. I mean, when I saw this photo, I wondered how I lived with this craziness for so long! This section of the closet holds a lot of party supplies so I really need to be able to easily see what I have so I don't duplicate purchases. This is why I was pumped to be approached by Rubbermaid (via TapInfluence) to try out their new Rubbermaid All Access™ line.

Check it out now! Sooo much better. It's pretty and organized. Here's what I did. I went to Home Depot. Home Depot is having their Winter Storage Event and they are carrying the entire All Access™  Line right out in front of the store. Unfortunately, my Home Depot seemed a bit disorganized but once I asked for the All Access organizer in XS, a nice associate really went the extra mile in tracking it down for me. Which was great, because the XS is the perfect size for my craft room closet. And the XS is totally clear, whereas the larger sizes have opaque sides.

The focus of these organizers is the ability to stack the organizers and still easily access the contents. I love this concept and the execution is flawless. I really like the idea of opening just a front door to the organizer, pulling out what I need, and done! No taking the whole stack of organizers down to pull out one thing and then not wanting to put it all back together so you leave it all out on the floor. Hallelujah!
You know me, I had to do something crafty with my organizers. I cut out card stock to fit on the inside of the pull-down door. Then I used my cutting machine to create big circle labels for each organizer. I love the look and how easy it was too color coordinate everything.
Now that everything is so organized, I also have a little room to display some of my photo/party props as decor.
I put my twine on a dowel to get it out of the way. Works great.

Doesn't organization make you so happy? It feels good when it is finally done. It's the doing part that isn't as fun. I will say one more thing about these organizers. I kept finding odd bits as I cleaned up and thanks to the front door on these things, I could easily slip those random supplies into their cubbies.

So what do you think about my organization? Looks a lot better, huh? I'm really happy with the Rubbermaid All Access™ organizers. And they didn't pay me to say that (they only paid me to try them!). :)

Open up the possibilities of easy access with Rubbermaid® All Access™ Organizers. The All Access™ line features a clear drop-down door so you can easily see and retrieve the items you want, even when they are stacked! Visit your local Home Depot to see why organization just got easier!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Rubbermaid®. The opinions and text are all mine.