Floss-Wrapped Necklace

I'm lucky to have a crafty family because it's so much fun when we get together. I only wish I was closer to my sister so we could craft all the time! At Christmas, she had a great idea to redo these $1 store necklaces. I mean, the necklaces are fine by themselves but we wanted to spice them up a little.

We used embroidery floss, strong glue and scissors. You can see that we took the two pieces of the necklaces apart. I think she ended up using both pieces but I just used one. The very best part of this was seeing how different our styles are. She tightly and perfectly wrapped the floss while my floss-wrapping was all over the place. Which is funny because she is the spontaneous, fun one and I'm the more serious personality.
We were going to wrap the floss between the geometric designs but that was insanely tedious and didn't really work out anyway.

 After I chose my colors, I thought about what vibe I wanted. I tried to picture a necklace that Anthropologie might carry. (Big dreams, ha!)
This would go well with my floss-wrapped hair comb!

Have you redone any inexpensive or thrifted items lately?


  1. I love this necklace. It looks JUST like something Anthro would carry. I'd wear it in a heartbeat. And I'd love to see how you style it!


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