Brass Triangle Necklace

I've been into brass and bronze for a long time. I actually prefer a bronzed metal over colorful beads. However, lately I've tried to interject more interesting beads and I'm starting to love fancy beads that are made from natural materials but have vibrant colors.

Aren't the blue and green stones pretty? The blue is sodalite and the green is green line jasper. They are both beautiful and look great together.
I have been wearing the mess out of this since I made it. It seems to go with everything. Simple, long necklaces are my favorite. Even though they understated, I seem to wear them time and time again. (Also, my face looks angelically airbrushed here but I don't know why? Doesn't look that way in Photoshop. Whatevs, I'll take the baby-faced-cherub-look.)
So, are you more likely to buy an every day sort of necklace or a statement piece? I always want to be the gal that wears lots of statement jewelry but I always turn to my comfort zone - long, bronze/brass/gold, and minimal.


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