5 Ways to Style Valentine's Day Gift Wrap

Although Valentine's Day has never been my favorite holiday, it is nice to acknowledge how much you appreciate your loved ones. My parents always gave us kids little gifts and my girlfriends and I sometimes exchanged cards and gifts. That's what I like about the holiday - those little gestures of friendship and affection!

And, I think it is a great holiday for crafting! (What holiday isn't perfect for crafting?) With that in mind, I usually spend more effort on presentation than the actual present, ha. I came up with five ways to style Valentine's Day gift wrap! This first look is just a Project Life card and a chipboard sticker.

For the second look, I made a pom pom out of metallic twine, wrapped the gift in brown satin ribbon and spelled out 'love' with metallic letters from Target's $1 section.

This simple look just requires floral stems and white washi tape. I really love this one.

I deviated from my usual style and added a little feather flair topped off with silver metallic tape. Schmancy.
Uh, who doesn't love crushed velvet? In small quantities, of course. Topped with a Project Life card.
What Valentine's Day crafts do you make?


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