DIY: Turn Leftover Christmas Lights into Patio Decor

Does anyone else feel sad when it is time to box up Christmas/holiday decor? I always feel a little bummed that the holidays are over because the holidays are a great excuse to beautify our world. To keep the blues away, I came up with a way to recycle Christmas lights and use them all year. Embellished patio lights! Let’s get started.

Supplies needed to turn Christmas lights into patio decor:
Step 1: Using your vellum paper, cut out 3D flowers and circles (or any other shape you’d like). I played around with the sizes of my flowers until I found sizes that fit perfectly over the lights. (Even if it isn’t perfect, tape will secure it). I embellished every other light on my string. And on half of the flowers, I stacked two different sizes to add a little depth to the flower. It’s totally up to you how many flowers/shapes you want to cut!
TIP: When cutting vellum on the Silhouette Cameo, use an old mat or grunge up a new one. It is really difficult to pull the vellum cuts off of a brand-new mat.
Step 2: Being adding your embellishments to your bulbs. I used a bit of white washi tape to secure the flowers/circles to a bulb. You can see in the photos that the tape does not have to be pretty and perfect – you can’t even see it when it is all done.
Step 3: Add more embellishments to the string. I used green leaves and bits of washi tape throughout the string. And that’s it! It’s pretty easy but cutting vellum can be a bit time consuming because of it’s delicate nature.
I’m still playing around with placement of the lights. I think the patio is a perfect place for them, as outdoor entertainment is not too many months away. But I also think these would look great in a child’s room.
What do you think? Where would you put your string of embellished lights?
I originally wrote this post for Crafts Unleashed but all content and opinions are 100% mine.