DIY Mushroom Wreath

I am part of a crafty collaboration with several talented ladies. This is our first project together and we decided to make wreaths. Check out Quarterly Collab to see all of the other wreaths!

I could make holiday crafts all day long (see my mini wreaths, Instagram gift wrap, fabric ornament). There is endless inspiration for wreaths and you can use a variety of materials. When deciding what to do with this wreath, I knew I wanted to go for simplicity. And I've been obsessed with mushrooms since I made these cuties for a Halloween party.

I highly recommend these wire wreath forms. I redo mine for different holidays just by changing out the fabric. I wrap 2 inch wide fabric strips around the form. Easy peasy.

I thought for a minute how to make mushrooms out of supplies I have on hand. And it hit me - crepe paper is perfect for this project! I just rolled up strips of white crepe paper for the base, cut out a circle for the top and colored it in. I used hot glue to put it all together.
I added a little moss and voila! 
I suppose this isn't a traditional holiday wreath. But I did add a red velvet wreath to give it a holiday touch. 

Aren't those mushrooms the cutest!?

Are you still working on holiday decor?


  1. Super cute Katie! I really like the idea of reusing the wreath frame for different holidays. I might just have to reuse mine again soon :)

  2. Love this Katie! Those mushrooms are just too cute for words.


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