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How-To Make a Multi-Strand Necklace

I’m into multi-strand necklaces these days. I’ve always been a minimalist when it comes to jewelry but I may be veering towards bigger pieces these days. It’s a nice way to dress up a simple outfit. This DIY necklace may look like a lot of work but the steps are pretty easy! A beginner can do this for sure.

I originally posted this tutorial for Crafts Unleashed and they provided the supplies. All content is 100% mine!

Supplies needed to make your own multi-strand DIY necklace: 

multistrand necklace1
Step 1: Thread your beads onto beading string or thread.

Step 2: After stringing the length you want, slip your double cup connector onto the string until it is close to the end of your beads. You’ll need to do this for both ends of the bead string.
Step 3: Tie a knot at the end of your beaded strand. Make sure the knot is down in the double cup connector.
multi strand necklace steps1Step 4: Then you can use your pliers to close the cup connector over the knot. Ta-da! Your knot is hidden. Go ahead and close up the loop on the cup connector as well.
multistrand necklace steps2OPTIONAL Step 5: You can opt to use beading wire, if you prefer. It means your beads will not hang freely, they will hang as you shape them. I really like wire (but I love thread/string, too!). String your beads on the wire.
OPTIONAL Step 6 & 7: At both ends of your beaded strand, use your round-nose pliers to form a small loop. I twist the loop around several times to make sure it is secure. This is where two pliers come in handy. You can hold the loop with one pair and twist with the other.
multi strand necklace steps3Whether you use string, thread or wire, you need to string at least three strands. Or go crazy and string bunches (one pack of the green beads was enough to make two strands with a bit leftover). You can string them all the same length or you can make some longer/shorter. I made one of my strands a tiny bit shorter than the other and then the white stone strand is much shorter. This part is all up to you – embrace your style!
Step 8: Take your headpin and form a shepherd’s crook at the end.
Step 9: Place all of your bead strands onto the crook.
Step 10: Again using your round-nose pliers, form a complete loop with the headpin.
multi strand necklace steps4Step 11: Make sure you close your loop somehow. You can twist the very end bit around the headpin. Or you can double up, where you continue looping a little bit, almost forming two loops.
Step 12: Slide your end cone onto the headpin, covering your messy loop.
Step 13: “Break the neck” of the headpin just past the end of the cone.
multi strand necklace steps5Step 14: Use your round-nose pliers to form a loop. The loop should start right past the part where you ‘broke the neck.’
Step 15: Twist the loop several times to secure it and then tuck the end down into the cone.
Step 16: Use your pliers to open a chain link from the necklace chain and slide the headpin loop onto the link. (Note: I almost always wear longer necklaces so I don’t have to use a clasp. I just make it long enough to slide over my head – like 30 inches or more).
multi chain necklace steps6That’s it! You can run wild with this idea and make it your own. Bead cone style, chain type, bead colors – it’s all up to you. I love this necklace style!
cu multi strand necklace final3TIP: I think the key to making this work (and any jewelry-making, really) is to make sure your beads, wire/thread, end cones and chain are all complementary in size. If something is too small or too big, it can throw the whole look off.

What do you think? Have you tried making multi-strand necklaces?

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