DIY Fiesta Party Prep

I'm so sad that I only have terrible photos from this fiesta (and whoops, one of the pinwheels started falling apart). But the DIY decor was super fun to make so I hope it inspires you. It was also very inexpensive - for more inexpensive party ideas, see my posts here and here. And here is a full tutorial on the fiesta sign.

I'll break down the details so you can plan your own fiesta!

Project 1: Fringe-Trimmed Centerpieces

Step 1: I cut strips of tissue paper into fringe using fringe scissors and then glued them onto Ikea tin planters.
Step 2: I filled the planter with sand.
Step 3: I created decorative picks by cutting out designs with my Silhouette Cameo and taping them to bamboo skewers.

Project 2: Small Tablescape Decor

Step 1: I filled vintage jello tins with sand.
Step 2: I cut out small paper shapes with my Silhouette Cameo and taped them to toothpicks.
Step 3: I placed the tins on felt coasters from the dollar store.

Also, never let your tissue paper fringe get wet - look at that hot mess! :)

Project 3: Food Table Bunting

Step 1: I used this craft punch to punch out looots of bunting flags.
Step 2: I used a small hole punch to create two holes at the top of each flag. 
Step 3: I strung the bunting shapes onto string and then taped them on the front of the table.

Project 4: Fringed Table Runner

Step 1: Purchase plastic tablecloths from the dollar store & cut them into thirds (depending on the width of your table - you could go thinner or wider).
Step 2: Use your fringe scissors again to cut fringe along each edge of the strips. That's it!

Idea 5:

Jarritos Mexican fruit drinks!

Idea 6:

Cut out extra shapes and signs with your Cameo/cutting machine. Then use them to fill in random empty spots - like the straw bucket. 

That's it! I thought it turned out really cute. It was actually a baby shower for a friend that loves Mexican food. I thought I would take the Mexican food one step further and turn it into a fiesta. 

Do any of these projects spark new ideas for you?