DIY: Chevron Wood Door Hanger

This post was originally written for Crafts Unleashed, as they provided the product for the tutorial.

I made this bright DIY chevron door hanger for my front door because it seriously needs some sprucing up! I love the bright colors but it’s easy to customize to suit your needs (hello, Fall!).

Wood Stain
Mister Huey’s White Color Mister
Silhouette Cameo (optional)
Stencil (I created mine using the Silhouette Cameo and contact paper)
chevron doorhanger1
Step 1: Stain your door hanger following the directions on the stain package. It says to sand and condition wood prior to staining, but since this is a tiny project and not furniture, I went ahead and directly applied the stain. It worked like a charm. This wood stained so beautifully!

chevron doorhanger2
Step 2: Immediately wipe off excess stain with a paper towel so it doesn’t sit there and create inconsistent marks. I used a quality paper towel and it did not leave behind fibers. Let dry according to package instructions.

chevron doorhanger3
Step 3: I used this Silhouette file to cut my chevron stripes with my Silhouette Cameo. I tweaked the image a bit in my Silhouette Design Software so it would be perfect for my hanger. I then cut the file out of contact paper (almost the same thing as adhesive craft vinyl). Apply the stencil to your hanger, smoothing down bumps and any edges that stick up. This contact paper is from the 70s so it did not stick well enough to make a perfect stencil. I suggest using vinyl with some good sticking power.

chevron doorhanger4
Step 4: Apply a couple coats of acrylic paint over your stencil. Really make sure your stencil stays stuck down in this process! Since mine was not sticky enough, the paint bled under the stencil a bit.

chevron doorhanger5
Step 5: Pull up your stencil and let the paint dry. At this point you can also do touch ups with a Q-tip and water. The messy spots were pretty easy to clean up. I did intentionally leave some rough lines and you can see why in the next step.

chevron doorhanger6
Step 6: In my opinion, this is where the magic happens. I sprayed a few spritzes of Mister Huey’s White Color Mister and then rubbed it in with a paper towel. You could also use  a dab of watered-down white acrylic paint on a cloth. Just a tad will do. Gently rub it all over the design. I concentrated rubbing in a few spots so more paint would wear off. Now you have a perfectly weathered door hanger. You can see the difference in the photo on the right – a door hanger that has not been weathered and the one that has.

doorhangers final2
I thought I was going to hang this inside but then I decided to hang it on the front door. I think that terrible, gold 80s rental apartment door knob needs some handmade cheer on it. Now that I’ve decided to hang it outside, I think I will give it a coat of Mod Podge to seal it. Mod Podge is always a good idea to seal paint projects, even if those projects will stay inside.

What do you think about a decorative door hanger? I know door hangers are traditionally used to convey a message like, “Please leave me alone.”  Haha! But I must say, I love the idea of a door hanger! It feels like I am recycling an old idea in a new way because people rarely use door hangers anymore (with the exception of hotel rooms).


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