Collection: Vintage Jello Tins

I don't have a lot of collections. There is part of my brain that wants to hoard collect everything kitschy, vintage or colorful. The stronger part of my brain prefers minimalism, which equals a peaceful space. I find a balance by collecting things which also serve a useful function. Like these tins. I use them as candy holders at parties.

I don't know why but I love these tins. They have such a nice aesthetic that has now been replaced with silicone cups. Don't get me wrong - silicone is very useful in the kitchen but it doesn't have the same beauty, you know?

What have you been collecting lately?


  1. Those are just too adorable. I am definitely holding off collecting things... I can see a hoarder in myself. haha

  2. I recently did the decor for my cousin's wedding. I found so many of these at estate sales! Point being, I made candles out of them. They were lovely.


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