It's the little things!

I was pretty excited to have the opportunity to blog about Olivari's The Year of Little campaign. Olivari Olive Oils is spending every day of this year appreciating the small things in life (and encouraging us to appreciate and share the small things in our lives). The concept of celebrating the small things has been on my mind. I was recently listening to a podcast that asked callers to talk about an ordinary product that they really love and feel is a game changer. I was thinking about how, at any given time, I could name a list of small things that totally change my life. I think of them as treats, rewards for you know, living life. Like, I deserve a treat for working a full-time job. That is 40+ hours a week that I could be crafting! Of course I deserve a treat. :)


My latest little obsession is born out of a necessity. Which is handy, because it means I can endlessly justify this purchase. I currently have four different lip balms in my purse. And maybe more in my apartment, don't judge, k? It's super dry here in Colorado!

When I am shopping for non-fun items at the pharmacy, I go out of my way to visit the lip balm aisle. I'm pretty sure other shoppers wonder why I zoom around the store, throwing cold & flu items in my basket like I am on a gameshow, only to spend 10 full minutes looking at lip balms.  I can't help it, these small treasures totally make my day!


I love this topic of appreciating the little things so I plan to be back with more posts soon!


Visit Olivari's Facebook page to see what The Year of Little campaign is all about. They have really fun and interesting little videos, photos and updates!  I'm pretty impressed with their brand (and I didn't get paid to say that!). :) 

This little infographic is the perfect example of Olivari's sense of fun. But it's also very informative and I feel like I will now be that person at the party. The one who is all, "Um, did you know this is actually the proper way to pit an olive, in case you were wondering." And everyone will think I'm fancy and on top of my game. This situation calls for a casual toss of the scarf over my shoulder as I show the party-goers the right technique.


Olivari Olive Oil is celebrating "One Year of Little". Visit their Facebook page to learn why the little things are everything.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Olivari . The opinions and text are all mine.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Olivari .  The opinions and text are all mine.