Shortcuts in the kitchen and mango lemonade

When it comes to the kitchen or housework, I'm not much of a DIYer. If I can take a shortcut, I will. (I.e. a quick cleanup means throw everything in the closet and shut the door). I was craving mango lemonade this weekend and I had a fleeting thought that I would make the lemonade from scratch. Like, squeeze a million lemons. Let me repeat- fleeting thought. I quickly thought of using my favorite organic lemonade, which is a great base for any drink, really. It's not too sweet and it's natural. 
Keep an eye out for Santa Cruz natural juices. They are delish. In fact, they make a mango lemonade that is divine. But I wanted to try adding real mangos. I cut up two mangos and blended them to a juice. In hindsight, I would only use one. The mangos came on a little strong even though I added almost the entire jar of lemonade.
 I don't know what companies/restaurants add to make the mango drinks seem so tart. Does anyone know? Because mangos are not tart and I wanted this drink to have a little more kick. Maybe actual lemon juice? I guess I'm going to have to go full DIY on this one and squeeze bunches of lemons.
 My husband gave it a thumbs up. It was a little too blah for me. But I liked it enough to drink it so I guess it passes the test. I added more lemonade and some orange juice for a breakfast drink and that was pretty good.
Does anyone else take shortcuts in the kitchen or housework? I would just rather be doing other things, you know?


  1. If by shortcuts you mean avoiding cleaning as much as possible? Yes! We just got some mangos in our CSA box...going to have to give this drink a try!


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