Somehow I care more about Cinco de Mayo than Fourth of July

I am American and have no Mexican heritage. Regardless, I really want to celebrate Cinco de Mayo this year. And it's not even about margaritas. Also, I focused on cacti for my Cinco de Mayo decor but I probably should have gone with something more culturally appropriate - Mexican flag colors? Sombreros? Cacti just seem multi-purpose. Mexico has cacti but also, maybe you can reuse these for a cacti party. (Did I just say 'cacti party'?)

I "accidentally" swiped some icing as I was setting the cupcakes out. DELISH. You can buy these awesome cupcakes at grocery stores. The brand is Kimberley's Bakeshoppe and this particular flavor is Vanilla Bean. The icing is incredibly yummy. The cake part has some filling, which is never my fave. Not a fan of filling in pastries/cakes. But it doesn't even matter. Cause the whole thing made me say, "This is from a grocery store?!" I'm not getting paid to advertise for them, these were just some impressive grocery store cupcakes. They are legit gourmet cupcakes. (Did you just realize that 'it's that time of the month' because I just wrote an entire paragraph about cupcakes in the middle of a Cinco de Mayo post? Sigh.)

I drew these cacti with my incredibly rudimentary drawing skills and you can download the Cinco de Mayo printable decor right here! I also used the printable to make bunting, which I am going to put up in my office. In the hopes that people ask if I have Mexican heritage. Not really, I just need to spice up the boring office decor. 
I really love this cacti bunting because I'm obsessed with cacti. Maybe it's because my grandma has this two foot patch of cacti in her yard. Literally in the middle of her very green, lush yard with lots of beautiful flowers. So odd. Anyway, the sadistic adults in my family hid Easter eggs in there. Maybe, probably, they actually hid the eggs on the edge of the patch or nowhere near the patch but I like to reminisce about toddlers romping through cacti to get to a piece of plastic with a jelly bean in it. 

Marrah likes to hang out with me when I'm crafting. I tried to get her in the party mood but she was only interested in sunbathing and stray bits of cupcake icing.

***If anyone can think of a time when a cacti party would be appropriate, I will send you a prize in the mail. Seriously. Leave a comment.***


  1. These are so cute! I just came across your blog and it is absolutely darling! I can't wait to start following along! ;)

  2. Yes! You used those cacti you drew. They are so adorable! A cacti party would be amazing - maybe it would be appropriate for those days in the summer when even the colder climates have UNBEARABLY hot days and no one is supposed to be outside?

  3. A cacti party would be the perfect way to show off my newly landscaped, drought-tolerant backyard. I planted a variety of cacti, agaves, and cholla plants. Very beautiful, easy to take care of, and environmentally friendly!


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