Roundup: Cupcake Ideas

Confession: I am a terrible cook. Mostly because I dislike cooking. My husband tries to convince me that it is just crafting in the kitchen but I'm not buying it.
However, I do like to bake. Probably because baking leads to such pretty end results AND I have a
raging sweet tooth. I really want to learn how to make pretty cupcakes so I've rounded up some ideas. 

I chose these first three for their pretty frosting techniques. I prefer an attractive cupcake to the most delicious one. I'll take a normal tasting cupcake (which is so yummy anyway) with a really cute topping.
1// No-fail cupcakes by The Crafting Chicks 2// Mum cupcakes by Running Blonde 3// Cupcake decorating by Niner Bakes
The next three have great recipes! I could use some blueberries in my cupcakes and all of these recipes provide that fresh blueberry taste! Plus they are pretty. 
Lastly, these DIY toppers are super cute. As I said earlier, the whole point of me making a cupcake is to make it cute. These toppers do just that. 

This frosting color guide by Food Network, as seen on Handmade Charlotte, is AMAZING. If I ever needed an excuse to make cupcakes, trying the colors in this chart is just that.

Now I desperately want to make cupcakes. I usually wait for an event but I think I'll make them just because. :)


  1. Love these ideas! Thanks for sharing them! :)

  2. Thanks for featuring my mum cupcakes! Your blog is lovely!


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