My crafting mission goes mini!

As you know, I'm into anything mini (see my mini cake from last week, mini tassel garland, mini bulb necklace, mini mirror necklace...the list goes on). And I am also trying to bring the door hanger back into fashion. It's my personal crafting mission. So this craft was bound to happen. Wreaths - the traditional door decor - combined with my crafting mission. Please and thank you.
Most of the supplies used in this referral were given to me by Consumer Crafts in relation to a separate blogging gig I have with them. All opinions are mine!
Supplies: 3 inch wreath, 4 inch wreath, paint (I prefer to use white spray paint as a base), embellishments and hot glue. Not pictured: ribbon and a big bead.
Step 1: Cover your workspace with newspaper or a drop cloth.
Step 2: Spray paint both wreaths white or any base color you'd like. Don't be afraid to get a little crazy with the spray paint - there are lots of crevices in grapevine wreaths. Just make sure the room is ventilated.
Step 3: Paint the smaller wreath a bright color. I used acrylic craft paint and just slathered it on, letting it drip all over the nooks and crannies.
Step 4: Hot glue the small wreath inside the big one. 
Step 5: Hot glue the embellishments on.
Step 6: Tie your ribbon around the wreath, do not double knot.
Step 7 optional: Slide a big bead onto the ribbon and pull it down over the knot. 
Step 8 optional: Paint the bead. This is where I realized, "Oh yes, I should have painted this before putting it on the ribbon. Duh." Instead of taking the bead off and painting it properly, I just dabbed some paint on. Life goes on despite my haphazard crafting. Okay, switch steps 7 and 8. ;)
That's it! You can also hang it anywhere else, if the doorknob isn't working out for you. But at least try the doorknob for me, k? Let's get this crafting mission of the ground. Cute door hangers for life!


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