Floral: Scraggly Luxury

I went to Ikea this past weekend. I am always totally enamored with the Marketplace. Especially the section with drinking glasses and the section with vases/containers. So I got a couple of drinking glasses (one with flamingos!) and vases. Which gave me an excuse to buy flowers!

So here's the deal. Flowers feel like a total luxury to me. I live in an apartment complex so I don't grow my own flowers. If I want flowers, and I always do, I either have to snip them if they seem wild and are not on protected land (this is a tough task around Boulder) or I have to buy them.
Flowers get expensive, especially for such fleeting enjoyment. So I get mine from the grocery store. Just behind the flower displays, they have a discounted section for older flowers. I scored a huge bouquet for $6 this weekend! The only thing is - they really aren't as perky as fresh flowers.
I put all the best flowers in the big vase. I chose a yellow/white combination.
After finishing the big vase, I used the leftover flowers for small vases. These are a bit sad and droopy, haha. But I really love them! And this bouquet came with a lot of greenery, which spices things up a bit. Greenery is thisclose to being my favorite thing about flower arranging. 
Look at that scraggly yellow one on the bottom right. Bless it's heart.
Do you like keeping flowers around? If so, what's your method of managing the cost?


  1. Haha, even though they are a bit droopy, they still cheer me up! Flowers always do.

    Flounces & Hubbub


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