Favorite Thing: 15 Spring Scarves

Do you ever get it in your mind that you *need* something that, in fact, is a luxury? I sort of always have a running list of things that I want or would be nice to have. And then I go through periods where one or all of those things become *needs*. I scour the Internet for the perfect one. Most of the time, Internet window-shopping is enough to satiate my dire need for that.perfect.thing. Other times, the thing is fairly accessible (read: inexpensive) so I actually purchase it. If, after all this, I do make a purchase, I use and love the thing. It's like I worked for it, I earned it. I mean, I SCOURED the Internet for the thing. (As you know, it's really tough work looking at all the things). The thing is lovely. I cherish it. Well, right now, that thing is a spring scarf.

I have narrowed the entire Internet world of scarves to 15 key players that are in the running to become the one. I only have a few dollars one rose to give so it has to be a special one. What is your vote? Do you have a favorite?

*Fine print that is actually normal size because I cherish your eyesight: I could possibly get commission if you purchase using some of these links. That's not why I chose these scarves nor did that fuel my current scarf craze. However, if you do make a purchase - thanks, I want to keep this blog running! 


  1. please do choose nr 6. It is great!! love it. Good luck with your choise!!

  2. I find awesome scarves at Common Threads in Boulder if you ever need a fix! Weekends had some too that were really cute too.

  3. I love number 11. That's my vote.

  4. I'm voting for 7. You cannot go wrong when animals are involved... :)

  5. I really like 3 & 4, Love the colours, and I think they would hang really well. Also they are a nice light weight fabric, so they would stay cool in the spring and summer!


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