DIY Cake Topper

You can make a really cute mini cake topper in about 30 seconds. For realz. Read on to see how.
You need chipboard images or chipboard stickers from a scrapbooking line. I love Crate Paper's lines. The bike chipboard sticker is from their Story Teller Collection.
Cut a straw at an angle on one end. Tape the straw to the chipboard sticker/piece. Ta da! That's really it. Then you stick the angled end of the straw in your cake.

I love store-bought vanilla icing. Like love, love. I love store bought cake. This has something to do with being poor when I was little and wishing I could get a store bought cake for my birthday. It would make sense for me to grow out of that and appreciate the love my parents put into homemade goodies. Eh, I wish I was that noble. I can't shake it - I love white on white cake from a grocery store. 

Side anecdote: My dad grew up in a different socio-economic class. His mom always bought him a cake for his birthday. And guess what? He grew to cherish homemade cakes. The grass is always greener, huh?

Okay, now that my love affair with grocery store cake is out there, let's talk icing. You know the kind. It comes in a little plastic jar of deliciousness. I have no idea why they make the icing SO thick. There is no way to accurately smooth icing that thick. I dyed it mint green. Then I watered it down, which will allow you to do a crumb coat frosting and then another smooth coat over that. Then I decided to added a bit more water and drip a million drips of icing all over this cake. I stuck it in the freezer a couple of times in the hopes that some of the drips would stop in the middle. It worked okay. 

Now that I look at these photos through your eyes, I see a big mess. Haha. I realize it might look melted ice cream. Whether you like the look or not, it tastes awesome. Almost as good as store-bought cake. ;)


  1. That topper is just awesome! Would love to see it on my cake!

  2. Cuteness! I never thought to use chipboard as a topper. I am totally going to do this in the future.


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