Winter Explorations: Snowy

So it is technically Spring but Colorado doesn't know that yet. These photos are from last month but we got a huge snow this past weekend, too! There are lots of sunny and snowy days but I loved this particular one - gray skies.

I grew up in Louisiana so I barely knew what snow looked like before moving to Colorado. I really do love snow. However, I don't love day-to-day life in snow. Like when you still have to drive and go to work in a lot of snow - ugh. So basically, as much as I love cooler weather, I'm ready for green grass and sunny skies. 

How do you feel about snow?


  1. I love snow when it's been forever since the last time it snowed. And I love looking at snow. Right now,though, I'm beginning to hate it, it's taking far too long! I want warm weather and spring!

  2. agreed. luckily i have have a home office so i can enjoy the magic of snow more than most who have to travel to work. but i sure am ready for green grass.

  3. I like snow but I am sick of it right now we just got six inches.


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