Geometric Color-Misted Tags

Do you use color misters? They are really fun and easy to use. I used them to make these tags!

There are two techniques for creating these misted tags. First technique:
Step 1: Place your paper on newspaper, recycle bin paper, etc. Something you can throw away when you are done. 
Step 2: Mist your paper in several spots with your base color. Hold your mister about 6-8 inches from the paper. Cover 50-75% of the paper.
Step 3: Mist the paper with your second color. Cover the white spots - it's okay if it overlaps the base color.  It should look soft and airy. Let it dry according to the mister bottle instructions.
Use your tag punch to cut out as many tags as you can fit. I have multiple tag punches because I'm obsessed.

Second technique (and my fave):
Step 1: Cover part of your paper with a piece of trash paper - this technique is called 'masking.'
Step 2: Mist along the edge of the trash paper.
Step 3: Continue to do mist, alternating between color misters and moving your paper back and forth to create a geometric pattern.
Step 4: Cut out your tags with a punch. I used a circle punch for these. 
Placement is everything. Check to see where your circle punch is on the page to make sure you are getting some nice patterns in the circle. 
I like how it almost looks like a pie chart. 
What do you think?


  1. I've never heard of color misters, but these little tags are so simple and adorable, I might have to look into getting some myself!

  2. Color Misters? That's awesome!! How pretty these tags are!! I have to watch for when punches go on sale at my craft stores so I can try this out!! =)



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