DIY Tassel Earrings

Lately I've been into anything that resembles a tassel or fringe. I love tassel jewelry. I'm going to go step-by-step to show you how to make tassel earrings. It looks like a lot of steps but it's not difficult, I promise!

Supplies: Chain (about 15-20 inches, cut into 10 pieces), several headpins or eyepins, two large beacaps, earring wires, round nose pliers (having round nose & chain nose pliers is the best option but you can get by with one pair), wire cutters and small beads optional.
If you are starting with a headpin, cut off the very end of the pin. If you are using eyepins, you don't need steps 1-2. 
Step 1: 'Break the neck' of your headpin (aka, use your pliers to create a bend near the end of your pin)
Step 2: Use your round nose pliers to create a shepherd's crook, the beginning of a loop.
Steps 3 & 4: Oops! I got the photos mixed up for these. Step 3 is to cut five pieces of chain in the length you want. Step 4 is to string those chains on the shepherd's crook. 
Step 5: After you've put all your chains on the pin, use your pliers to twist the end of your shepherd's crook over to form a loop. 
Step 6: Again with pliers, twist the tiny bit at the end over the pin and then clamp it down with your pliers. These ensures the chain will stay on the pin. It doesn't have to be pretty either, just make sure it is secure. 
Step 7: Slide the bead cap onto the pin.
Step 8: You are going to start the process of making a loop again, just as you did when you strung the chain onto the pin. So break the neck of your pin just past the top of the bead cap.
Step 9: Use your round nose pliers to form a loop at the top of the bead cap.
Step 10: Twist your excess wire around the base of the loop and push the very end down into the bead cap. This will make your earrings extra secure.
Step 11: Put your loop onto an earring hook and close the hook with pliers.
Step 12: Do it all over again for the second earring.
Step 12: This time, do not cut off the end of your headpin. Slide a bead onto a headpin.
Step 13: Again with the loop process. Break the neck of your pin just above the bead.
Step 14: Form a loop and twist the excess wire around the base of the loop.
Step 15: You can put the bead on the chain one of two ways: 1. Form the loop and then use your pliers to open one of the chain links. Slide the bead loop on, close the chain link. OR 2. While you are making the loop on your bead, slide it on the chain link and then close the loop up as normal.
That's it! It seems like a lot but I bet you noticed a trend - the loop-making process, which is a basic wire wrapping technique (this tutorial gives close-ups of the steps). Once you learn this technique -you are golden! It's an essential jewelry-making technique and it makes up the base of this project. 
I will tell you- practice makes perfect! When I first started doing this technique, nothing looked neat. Don't give up - you will become a pro! But even a messy-looking loop works just fine. :)


  1. These have such a great bohemian vibe to them. It reminds me of the cool jewelry my mom wore in the 70s.

  2. Love these! Going on my project list...

  3. I always have great intentions of DIY jewelry and never follow through. I love this. Really beautiful!


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