DIY: Mini Mirror Necklace

I have an insatiable urge to turn all miniature dollhouse items into jewelry. I love mini things. When I saw this mini mirror, I knew it was destined to be a necklace.

Step 1: Gather supplies: mini mirror, painter's tape, Xacto knife, paint brush, acrylic paint, matte Mod Podge
Step 2: Place your painter's tape over the mirror, making sure the entire surface of the mirror is covered.
Step 3: Use your Xacto knife to cut the painter's tape around the edge of the mirror.
Step 4: Press down the edges of your tape, making sure you have secure edges.
 Step 5: Dab the acrylic paint on the filigree part of the mirror until you are satisifed with the coverage. I rubbed mine in certain places to make the gold show through a bit.
Step 6: Use your Xacto knife to start peeling back the painter's tape. Clean up any spill overs with a Q-tip and water.
 Step 7: The acrylic paint will rub off if you don't seal it. Give it a light coat of Mod Podge.
 Done! I love it. I just slipped it on a jump ring and then onto a vintage chain.
Who else is obsessed with miniatures? My friend Lindsay put a fun miniature item on a necklace!

I received this mirror as compensation for another crafting gig I have. All opinions are 100% mine.


  1. What a clever idea!

  2. this is so smart. I love this idea

  3. What a cute idea! Thanks for sharing.

  4. This is such a sweet necklace! I’ll have to buy the same necklace for my daughter. She will love to wear this for sure. I just loved the pattern and style. It is really very creative and stylish I must say.
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