Stack o' Cards

A couple of weekends ago I made a stack of cards. I went to a scrapbook night with my aunt-in-law. Since I'm not much of a scrapbooker, I made cards. I send a few cards out every week to people I work with from other community agencies. Here are most of the cards I made. Maybe you'll get some layout inspiration!

Can you see the pattern? I clearly have a favorite layout. Bottom left corner, who's with me!? Haha.  For some reason, I just don't love centering things. I always want everything off-center. How about you?
I kind of stepped out of my comfort zone on this last set. I had specific people in mind for these cards and I tried to match their personalities. My husband likes the aqua, mustard and red one with the USA shape. SO not my regular style.  Which is your favorite?

One time last year I sent a card to a school counselor, who is one MANY people I interact with at my job. She told me she cried when she opened the card because some times it is nice to feel appreciated. After that I made a firm commitment to send out cards every week. Because I work with a lot of people in helping professions. They do great work, have huge caseloads/lots of kids to attend to, ooze compassion and rarely get the recognition they deserve. Kuddos, therapist/social workers/case managers/teachers/principals/school staff/law enforcement!


  1. These are beautiful! I love the big grey heart! ~Stephanie

  2. that is the sweetest story. I love that she appreciated your card. I too love sending cards to people. In a day where technology has taken over so much of our social skills, it's nice to remember how to do things "old school." =)

  3. that is so kind of your & so awesome to hear it meant so much to her! love that you made a commitment to send handmade cards & have kept it up! these are really beautiful too.


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