Party Like It's 1999

Do you guys remember Prince's song lyric, 'Party like it's 1999'? In 1999, I was on dance team in junior high and we danced to a mashup/remake song with that lyric. I feel like we should bring that phrase back into popularity. I made these stickers to celebrate that fun lyric.

 What do you think? Do enough people feel nostalgic about this song to enjoy these stickers?
 Here's a photo from my Instagram feed to show you how I used one of the stickers on a card.

Where were you at in life in 1999? Was 1999 a party for you? I have to be honest, it was a stellar year for me. This was the year just before some tragically awkward hairstyles and fashion came to play. I was rocking it in 1999. 8th grade. Just before I cut my hair VERY short (the back was buzzed...cough, cough). When I loved GAP and button-up shirts. Blue was my favorite color. I still had that glowy, smooth baby skin. Pre-acne. Oh the good times, you guys, good times. ;)


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