Party Decor (on the cheap!): Baby Shower

Have you just been holding your breath for two weeks waiting to see the entire baby shower all together? :) I know I've blasted you with photos and projects along the way (coffee filter decor, polka dot vase, cheap party decor ideasInstagram photos). Here is the final reveal - hope it gives you some ideas! Unfortunately I forgot my camera, so these are iPhone photos. 
I used the coffee filter decor props in two places. To create a wall hanging and as candy holders. 

I used an old milk jar propped on vintage jello tins to give some height to this little centerpiece. The pinwheel was cut on my Cricut long ago. Keep reading to see more!

We only have one place to have our baby showers - the auditorium room. It's very much an office environment. Unfortunately, there is little I can do about that. Work with what you have, right?
Here are the polka dot vases in action.
The tables consisted of: plastic white tablecloth, kraft paper runner, bunny tail yarn (I have no idea what the real name of this yarn is), paper doilies, little floral centerpieces, vintage jello tin molds to hold candy & mints, coffee filter props to hold more candy and paper buttons made with a craft punch.
Vintage jello tin molds on paper doilies.
Paper candy cups on coffee filter props.
Cute paper cupcake toppers randomly squeezed into the candy bowls. Layered paper and paper doilies.

That's it! Can you think of any ways to riff off these ideas for your own upcoming parties?


  1. Just forwarded this along to one of my friends, she's ALWAYS planning someones baby/bridal shower! These are some great and very cute ideas!

  2. girl you are so creative! i love how you used mostly things we all probably have around the house and the white w/ light blue is of course perfect for the occasion! looks like a huge gathering too! hope it was a blast!


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