Outfit: Slouchy Sunday

I tried to outfit photos again. It's seriously harder than it looks. Most of my photos were so blurry. I was using automatic settings and a remote so I have no idea what I am doing wrong. Tips, anyone?

 I cannot fit full-body shots on our patio with the camera lens we have. And sometimes there are people walking around my apartment complex and I feel weird taking photos of myself. I guess I should work on that.
Can I briefly say how much I love these boots? I searched for the perfect boots for months and I finally found them on Ebay. Vintage leather. No frills, just simple. They are a tiny bit snug but I don't care - they are perfect.
I'm also really liking with this dress. It's actually a nightgown from Target so it is crazy comfortable. I have literally slept in this and then worn it the next day. I would do that every day if I could. 
I'm going to mix my outfit posts up by including one current obsession. I don't know if this should even count but having an iPhone changed my life. I'm serious. I was late to the smart phone bandwagon (have had it for a year) and I had no idea what I was missing. This thing really simplifies my life and increases my ability to be spontaneous. 


  1. Love your boots! And oh yes...the awkward feeling of having people stare/see you taking portraits of your outfit. I'm so familiar with it. That's why I'm always near my home...I feel less self-conscious about it...yet still conscious all the same. =)

  2. how fun to see an outfit post!! i love that yellow cardi w/ the dress. so funny it's a night gown, it looks like a super cute nautical number but glad it's extra cozy! great find on those boots, ebay is where i've found my 2 leather boots as well.


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