Happy Birthday, Marrah!

Warning: If you are a cat hater (ahem, best friend), maybe you want to skip this post. But if you want to read all about my cat and chime in with your cat stories, continue. 

Last year, in February, we adopted Marrah. I have no idea when her real birthday is but we will go with February. She had been at the shelter for two months, which is crazy because she's really pretty. 
Oh em gee. That look. So sweet. It's been a fun year and Marrah has come SO far. She had serious trust issues when we got her. She was so scared and depressed (in my amateur cat psychologist opinion). She still has the I'm-only-going-to-allow-you-to-give-me-affection-on-my-own-terms attitude. But lots of cats are like that. 

I was never anti-animal but I was never really an animal lover either. That has all changed. Marrah has really given me a soft spot for animals. I literally cried in PetSmart yesterday because there were some beautiful older cats up for adoption. I have this thing about old or ugly cats. I worry that no one will adopt them and I feel like I can see the sadness in their eyes. I know, you guys, I know! I am such a cat lady. I even recently bought a cat shirt to confirm my cat lady status. Pretty soon I will need a cat scarf and tote bag. 
I like this one despite it's blurriness. I love the way she licks her paw and then cleans her face with it.
My husband and I love Marrah so much it almost seems ridiculous. Now I understand why people dress their pets in clothes and carry them around in their purses. I get it.
I tried to celebrate with her but she didn't seem to care that her party hat was lovingly handmade. Look at those side eyes. Her face looks squished because she was sliding down, preparing to make her leap to freedom. 

The aftermath. A broken party hat. It was an exhilarating party. There were treats and toys. A good time was had by all. ;)

Tell me your sweet/scary/funny/gross cat stories!


  1. I never used to like cats. At all. They just seemed kind of mean and snotty. Haha! But when I first moved to CO I lived with my aunt for a couple months and their cat Amber was freakishly dog-like. She was so sweet and affectionate and became obsessed with me right away. When I went up to my room to go to bed I would practically have to run because she knew thats where I was headed and realllly didn't want to get locked out. There were many nights where I'd find myself racing her up the stairs to try to close the door before she got there. lol Sounds mean but she was such a bed hog! And almost every morning I'd wake up nose-to-nose with her staring at me, purring. Borderline creepy but mostly adorable.

    So now I'm quite fond of cats. At least most cats. : ) Do you read The Dainty Squid? She seriously captures the most hilarious pictures of her kittys.

  2. @amanda. Aww - I love that Marrah sleeps with me. Even though I totally understand - sometimes I wake up in very uncomfortable positions since I'm trying not to squish her. :)

  3. When I think about my happy place, it's lying in bed with my cat Chulmu curled under my chin with his paws resting on my arm. Winter nights are always better with a cuddly cat!

  4. She's beautiful.

    I have two, love them to bits and pieces. I absolutely wish I could show you a photo of my Alf, he's so similar looking to your cat. Though he tends to have a grumpier expression in general.

    He can be a bit of a pain though, he regularly brings in leaves as "presents" and can open doors by jumping up at the handle, we haven't had a lie in in the last year or so. He's also exceptionally naughty, yesterday he broken a lantern I had by pushing it on the floor, all because he wanted to lie down. Wouldn't change him for the world though, he's so clever and needs to know how everything works, he sleeps in bed with us as well. He also likes to take leaps from high surfaces onto your shoulders - never a dull moment!

    My little one is all black, and so pretty. She's much more timid though, but once she decides she likes you then you'll never have any peace. She has a purr like a little train, and licks your hands for attention.

    I don't think I could ever be without cats, I have had them all my life!

  5. @rebeccaisanddoes, I love how much of a pain your cat is but you still love him so much! It's like having a sibling that annoys you but is your best friend.

  6. aww ya she really is beautiful! I thought that one shot had part blurry on purpose, all such great shots of her! and I agree, I stop studying some weekends to swoon over Lila licking her paw & rubbing her face... too sweet. I've always loved cats since I've had them all my life but my hubs used to hate them... so funny when you how he acts now.


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