DIY: Temporary Polka Dot Vase

For the baby shower that I did last week, I really wanted polka dot vases. I thought about painting them but I want to use these vases later and paint is too difficult to remove. Keep reading to see my solution!

 I decided to use adhesive vinyl! I just cut circles out using a circle craft punch. It wasn't a perfect solution. As you can see, the circles nearest the bottom of the vase had some wrinkles and folds. As I did more vases, I got better at avoiding wrinkles.
 I particularly love this effect on empty pasta sauce jars! It's a cute way to dress up recycled glass into a vase.

Here is one of the vases in it's final form at the baby shower. Minus that rogue chrysanthemum sticking out of the side. If you want to see how the baby shower came together, tune in tomorrow!


  1. Awesome! Temporary polka dots, who would have thought. I'm always looking for decor ideas that are easy to change up since I'm always changing my mind! Your project is genius and totally sweet!

  2. The effect looks like paint in the photos.

  3. This is awesome! So clever to make it temporary. As crafters I think we are always looking/enjoying making new things and then trying another thing. This idea allows you to do just that. All these pictures you have been sharing from the baby shower make it look like it was a very sweet affair.


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