DIY: Mini Bulb Necklace

I recently found these Tim Holtz light bulbs on sale and had to have them. Anything miniature is on my wish list and sometimes I just give in. I thought one bulb on a necklace would be cool. But then I thought - why not make a cascading chandelier-ish necklace?

Supplies: bulbs, wire (I used floral wire from Michaels because it is thin, pliable and cheap), pliers, wire cutters
Step 1: Thread your wire through the holes in your bulb to secure it as you start wrapping. If you don't have holes, try using a dab of a really strong glue to get started.
Step 2: Wrap around the base a couple of times and then create a loop at the top. Continue wrapping, making sure you occasionally thread your wire through previous wraps. This helps secure it. You can wrap pretty and tight if you want. Or you can wrap messy and a little loose (only a little). It's up to you!
Step 3: After you've done a few of those (odd numbers are best for cascading/cluster necklaces), use jump rings to attach them to chain. You can see how I laid mine out - this pattern works really well to maintain a nice cascading effect. I've used this many times - one long chain with one big item at the bottom, one smaller one along the way and one at the very top. Then add a smaller chain with the same concept. Attach the cluster to a necklace chain.
And you are done!

I have enough left to make a pair of earrings from the small bulbs. I love the hardware feeling of these bulbs!


  1. this is so cool! I love this mix!

  2. I love it! How creative. I also have a thing for miniatures.


  3. In love with this project. Just added it to my pinterest to try board!


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