Valentine's Day Wrapping

I'm really not a Valentine's Day person. However, I did love getting a little gift from parents every year. That was fun and sweet. Parent/sibling/friend gifts are fine but I just can't handle making a big deal out of it with my husband. So that means I don't really have a cute gift to wrap. Does that stop me from fake-wrapping a box? Of course not. I just like to play with my craft supplies.

The whole inspiration for this gift wrap are these mini canvas bunting flags. SO CUTE. They are about 3.5 inches in length - I wish the website said that. They take acrylic paint really well. I used my pattern method to create the hearts. Here is the breakdown of products used:

1) kraft paper: in a roll from the hardware store's paint section
2) bracket: aqua paper from Michael's, cut out on my Cricut
3) pink twine from The Twinery
4) robin's egg yarn by Sugar & Cream
5) pink paperclip
6) mini crocheted doily (cute alert!) from Michael's
7) the bunting flag with a bit of acrylic paint and a heart punch

That seems like a lot of products but the whole thing is small - the package is about 5.5 inches long. I love making embellished gift wrap. Even when it will never actually be gifted, ha! It's fun, give it a try! 

So, how do you feel about Valentine's Day?

*No one is paying me to post this. I genuinely love this product. I did receive the product as compensation for another blogging gig I have but no one told me I have to love it. ;)*


  1. I've never really been into Valentine's Day much in the past, but this year I plan to put together little packages for friends and family that live out of state. Wrapping them up like you did will be the perfect touch!

  2. This is so cute! It's the extra attention to detail that I love!


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