Photoshop Tip: Overlays

I'm back from holiday vacation! I had so much fun visiting my family and got to do a couple of photo shoots with my sister, Anna. Isn't she pretty? I'm 9 years older than her so it always amazes me how much she has grown every time I see her.

I'm trying out some photo overlays from Life N' Reflection. I thought I would show you how an overlay can change a photo. I started out with the original image, as you see below. I think it may have some minor editing, like brightening the photo. 
Basic steps: 1) Open photo in Photoshop. 2) Copy & paste your overlay image into another layer within the same Photoshop window. I used the Champagne overlay #3. The overlay will look harsh and you won't be able to see much, if any, of your original image. 3) Click the overlay layer and then play around with the Layers settings (it's a dropdown menu just above the icons of all your current layers). 

There are many layer settings. The best setting depends on the look you are trying to achieve. Most of the time, I use the 'soft light' setting and lower the opacity (that's what the 50% means- 50% opacity). That setting gives a light, airy look. But in this case, I ended up liking 'color burn' because it brings out the rich colors of Anna's hair and skin tone.

Do you use overlays to edit your photos? It's an easy and fun way to get a more professional look. What do you think of these options?


  1. I've not tried overlays before. I'm pretty new to Photoshop and am figuring it out as I go. These overlays look like a quick and easy way to add different qualities to photos.

  2. I went as far as taking a photoshop class a year ago and I think I need to take a refresher. I want to be able to edit my photos in a better manner than I am and feel more professional in how I approach it.
    Happy 2013!

  3. Love your simple settings to enhancing photos! I agree it gives a nice boost in skin tone, depth, and rich color all around.

    Thanks for sharing Katie XOXO

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  5. I love this technique. Thanks for sharing! :]

  6. so you put the same picture on top of the other? am i understanding this wrong? the overlays look great, such a subtle but huge diff.


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