Party Decor (on the cheap!): Liners in a Cup

I like to call this masterpiece "Liners in a Cup." So deeply metaphorical, right? ;) Did you catch my recent post about inexpensive party decor? It's mostly DIY decor, as you would expect. If you've been following me on Instagram, you've seen my recent baby shower preparations (no, I'm not expecting). I came up with this idea while brainstorming for the baby shower.

I have another idea for you to dress up your party decor for very little money. This vase is from the Dollar Tree (and hello, you can use it again and again!). The cupcake liners have been in my kitchen drawer for at least a year.

I don't know that this process even needs steps but I included a photo for my visual-learning friends out there. The only trick is - if you are going to put candy or something on the top - go ahead and squish the liners down just a bit and add a couple of more. That will provide a little more stability and keep the candy at the top of the jar instead of sinking down.
Could you see yourself using this tip? How would you change it up?


  1. How about red,white &pink for Valentine's.
    This is so changable for holidays etc. Thanks

  2. I have so many miscellaneous cupcake liners!!! This would be a perfect thing to do!! Thanks!! =) Very cute too!!

    Ergo - Blog


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