Outfit: Slouchy Sunday

I tried to take outfit photos this weekend and I failed dismally. But I'm going to show you anyway. My husband calls my style 'frumpy.' Meaning I like loose-fitting clothes. I also like to define my waistline every now and then but for comfort's sake, long, loose tops are my favorite. 

 I love this cardigan/top combo. And that tassel necklace. Not loving my hair situation. Or my baggy jeans.
When I went home for the holidays, I was on the search for the perfect jeans because my favorite pair got an irreparable hole. :( *Sobs* I found these great Levi's but I was having one of those I'm-so-big-and-gross moments. In the dressing room, I was having this internal monologue, "Just accept it, Katie. You're not the same size you used to be." So I bought a size up. WHY? I'm kicking myself now because they look all bunchy and too casual. They are big everywhere. Ugh.
 I didn't even roll my cuffs the same size. Seriously slouchy Sunday. :)

Shoes: Target, ages ago // Jeans: Levi's // Shirt: Old Navy // Cardigan: Old Navy 
Necklace: Styled by Tori earring-turned-necklace

Let's dish. Tell me about your inner dressing room monologue. What do you do to overcome any negativity you might have on blah days?


  1. Hah, I also love everything that is slouchy and oversized. I just feel so cozy and comfy in that kind of clothes!

  2. Pues a mi me encanta como llevas ahora el pelo, con esos rizos!
    Ohhh, esas conversaciones frente al espejo del armario.....
    XXOO Olga♥
    El tocador de Cenicienta

  3. I like slouchy comfy clothes. My daughter says I need to stop wearing t-shirts so much (what else is there?) But ill wear what makes me feel good. I dress up once in awhile (if I need to).

  4. I love loose fitting clothes myself...your outfit is cute but I want to be honest, you have a cute figure and should maybe have a size smaller in your tops so it fits a little bit better but not too small to make you feel uncomfortable. :)

  5. I think you look great! If you're concerned you look frumpy perhaps wear the tops with tight, skinny jeans and the jeans with a tighter/shorter top. Personally I think loose clothing can be surprisingly flattering as it hangs rather than clings.

  6. You look beautiful in your outfit! Comfort is way up on my 'important' list.

    Handmade Cuties


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